Holmesglen Lung Function Laboratory is located within Holmesglen Private Hospital. We are staffed by experienced scientists and we offer a wide range of lung function tests including:

  • Spirometry (Pre & Post Bronchodilator)
  • Diffusing capacity / Gas transfer factor measurement
  •  Maximal inspiratory and expiratory muscle pressures
  • Bronchial provocation challenge test / Mannitol challenge test
  • Lung volume measurement / Body plethysmography / Body Box
  • FeNO (Fractional exhaled nitric oxide)
  • High altitude simulation test – coming soon*
  • Oxygen assessment and 6-minute walking test – coming soon*

All services are bulk billed via Medicare and are at no cost to the patient.

Referrals can be made by calling 03 9567 9081 or fax to 03 9567 9079 or email

You can learn more about the Holmesglen Lung function Lab here.

You can download a referral page here, Alternatively you can download a fillable pdf here.


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