Holmesglen Private Emergency Department - 24 Hours

In an emergency, always call '000' first

Holmesglen Private Emergency Department 03 9567 9700

Holmesglen Private Hospital's Emergency Department is open and provides 24/7 immediate care for adults and children, 365 days a year.

The Emergency Department is equipped with latest technology and equipment and staffed by leading specialist emergency doctors who have undertaken many years of training in Emergency Medicine to become experts in their field.

Led by Dr Raja Barua, our doctors are supported by professional, experienced and caring staff who provide:

  • 24 hour medical and nursing care for a full range of medical and surgical emergencies
  • Comprehensive cardiac and chest pain services including STEMI via AMB Matrix system and immediate access to a Cardiac Catheter Laboratory
  • On call access to specialist doctors.
  • Onsite access to pathology and pharmacy
  • Onsite access to radiology including x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, and nuclear medicine
  • On site access to resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit
  • Rapid assessment and triage.

Holmesglen Emergency Department Brochure

Following assessment by an emergency doctor, and it is deemed that you require treatment or surgery you may be admitted as an inpatient to Holmesglen Private Hospital.

If you are well enough to return home your treatment notes will be sent to your GP.

Yes, however we are unable to offer any medical advice over the phone.

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath or require urgent medical attention, call “000” to take you to hospital for further assessment.

Holmesglen Private Hospital Emergency Department
(03) 9567 9700.

We are a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) provider and have the ability to process DVA accounts.

There are no out of pocket expenses for DVA patients.

Holmesglen Private Hospital is located at 490 South Rd Moorabbin.

The Emergency Department has an easily accessible dedicated entrance located on the west side of the hospital.

There are designated five minute parking spots for patient drop off as well as seperate Ambulance bays.

Once patients are dropped off, there are parking facilities within the hospital grounds.

Our Hospital and Emergency Department are not government funded.

ED consultation fees apply to cover the basic costs of the 24/7 operations of the department.

Your out-of-pocket costs for visiting the Emergency Department will be the facility fee of $320.

Please note that overseas patients , without Medicare cover,will have additional out of pocket doctor fees.

This fee is not rebatable from your private health fund or Medicare and is payable upon presentation to the Emergency Department.

If sundry items are provided such as crutches or splints, there will be an additional payment required on discharge from the Emergency Department.

If other services such as pathology, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy are required during your attendance, these services will incur additional fees from the service provider. These accounts will be billed following the provision of the services and there may be out-of-pocket expenses for these charges.

WorkCover and Veterans’ Affairs patients are covered by the relevant insurance schemes. Please ask our reception staff for details.

For members of private health funds with questions regarding whether your private cover qualifies for reimbursement after ED treatment, please forward any queries to your health insurance fund.

If you have been treated at Holmesglen Private Hospital Emergency Department in the previous 14 days and present with the same symptoms as your previous visit, or you present with complications following surgery performed at Holmesglen (in the last 14 days), then the out-of-pocket consultation fee will be waived.

Out of pocket expenses may contribute toward the Medicare Safety Net.

Generally, you can expect to have shorter waiting periods than many other emergency departments.

Your waiting time will depend on the number of patients and your assessed triage category upon arrival.

Please let the Triage Nurse know if you feel your condition changes.

Click here for a live wait time update.

On arrival to the Emergency Department, you will see a specialist emergency nurse (Triage Nurse).

The Triage Nurse will determine the severity of your condition by performing an initial assessment.

In Australia we use the Australasian Triage Scale to determine who medical staff should assess first; this enables life-threatening conditions to be seen as an absolute high priority.

In general, the triage system has five levels:

  1. Immediate (life threatening)
  2. Emergency (could become life threatening)
  3. Urgent
  4. Semi-urgent
  5. Non-urgent (needs treatment when time permits)

Important - On arrival to the Emergency Department, we ask that you refrain from eating or drinking until staff have given you permission.

This is to stop any interference with tests that we may need to carry out.

The doctor services in our Emergency Department are supplied by a specialist emergency care provider which is a company independent of Holmesglen Private Hospital Pty Ltd and Holmesglen Private Hospital.

The Holmesglen Private Emergency Department is open to adults and children and will treat most conditions except multi trauma and psychiatric conditions.

Appointments and referrals are not necessary.

You can present yourself, via a GP referral or arrive via ambulance.

Private health insurance is not required at this time, however should your presentation at the emergency department result in your admission to hospital, your relevant health fund will be contacted to check your level of insurance coverage.

Our Emergency Department staff will ensure you receive immediate assessment, treatment and referrals (where appropriate) to help you return to your normal duties as quickly as possible.

WorkCover will cover all costs of your visit once your claim has been confirmed.

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